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God's Love Story
A Yearlong Journey thru the Bible
Special Music from Labor Day Weekend. Loretta Crenshaw singing, "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing".
Special Music, "Psalm 130", by Paul O Manz, performed by Chancel Choir
Worship begins at 10 AM, but the choir practices at 8:30 and we host a fellowship gathering with coffee, hot chocolate, and treats from 9 AM onwards. Come sit in the Narthex with us as we catch up with each other's lives before service begins.
Journey thru the Bible: Luke's Gospel
25th of February 2024​

Christians love to avoid the sinners; they'll just drag us down. It was infuriating to the good old church folk of Jesus' day that he partied with the sinners. He hung out with scandalous women; he embraced the lepers and possessed. He even ate with tax collectors: people so bad that you didn't even lump them in with prostitutes and sinners, but just added, "TAX COLLECTORS" to the group of people not welcome in church. Often times these folks we condemn are not sinners, but saints, and Jesus applauds them for their faith and devotion. Maybe we can learn to look past the labels of saint and sinner and see people in a different light -- often it is the most religious among us that are in need of repentance, and those we see as sinners are the most faithful.