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Welcome to the Widow(er)s Might
We actively support widows and widowers, not only in our church but throughout the community. As James 1:27 states, "Pure religion is this, to care for orphans and widows in all their difficulties." We offer a support group of widow(er)s that meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. They gather in the church library at noon. This is not a faith group, nor a back door effort to get you to join our church. We simply meet to share our stories of triumphs and failures as we navigate thru life dealing with the loss of a spouse or partner. We are open to anyone, regardless of your beliefs or even sexual orientation. The loss of a spouse or partner is one of the most traumatic events we will ever experience. Grief is not something we just "get over" or "move past". It is something we learn to live with and something we will grow stronger having experienced. As Carolyn Moor, the Founder of Modern Widows Club, states, "Widow(er)s are those who have fulfilled marriages." We have kept our marriage vows, and thru death we have fulfilled them. Widow(er)s are not simply broken and grieving people, but people of great strength and resilience because of what we have endured.  We hope this page provides you with ample resources as you navigate this journey of loss.  
A video of explaining what grief actually is, and dispelling the myths that grief is something that we just "get over".
Modern Widows Club is an international organization whose mission is to transform your grief after loss into a positive, purposeful future while embracing your own strength and courage. Click on their logo for a wealth of resources and information. 
Clip from "WandaVision" explaining grief, "What is grief but love persevering?" A beautiful montage of the journey of grief and its meaning.
Wonderful series of meditations for working through grief. We give this book to each of our widow(er)s when they join our group. Click the book cover to purchase thru Amazon or ask for it at your local library or book store.
Facebook Widow(er)s Page. Click on picture to join a private group that discusses widow(er)s issues. Seek advice or recommendations and share your own journey with others.
Spouses take on different roles in a marriage, and when one of them dies the widow(er) must suddenly take on these unfamiliar duties. It can frustrating finding the right plumber, accountant, handyman, or doctor. We have found these local resources to be supportive of widow(er)s and a friendly partner. Click on the helping hands icon to pull up a PDF list of companies we recommend. If you would like your company listed, please call the church at 254.8987 to speak to the pastor.
Resource Recommendations
One of the hidden truths about widowhood are the costs associated with dying. Click on the icon to learn more about this.