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Service Times
Sundays 10:00am
Childcare Provided
Children's Sunday School at 9 AM

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Some Questions You May Have...
 Many people will be dressed casual, however there are some who come in suites and ties. Wear what you feel most comfortable in and dress the kiddos in what they wear... even if that's just a diaper because little Adam puked on the car trip over (it's happened to all us, we understand). Please truly come as you are and in what you typically wear. Be you!

 The United Methodist Church is the second largest non-Catholic denomination in the United States. It was originally founded in the United States in late 18th century due to religious revival of John Wesley. Wesley believed and taught that God loved everyone; that everyone could have a relationship with God; that the sacraments of baptism and Communion were gifts to be offered freely to everyone no matter where they were in their journey of faith. For more information on the beliefs, organization and social principles of the United Methodist Church, click here.
What do I wear?
Where do I park?
 When you pull into the parking lot, you'll see people standing outside the double doors of the church to greet you. Either door will bring you in the building. There are visitor parking spots by the front doors, but park in whatever parking spot you want. When you walk in there will be a reception desk with someone to greet you and give you information, there is also coffee to get you jump started, a nursery to the left as you walk in to drop off young ones during service if you'd like and bathrooms.
Where do I sit?
Where do my children go during service?
What is a Methodist?
Please sit wherever you feel comfortable! If you aren't sure, let one of the ushers help find you a seat. We're happy you've come to visit and we promise to not bite.
 All children are welcome to stay with their guardians in the service, however after the "Children's Message" towards the very beginning of service we offer a time for parents to enjoy service without their children. For the little ones (0-4) we offer a nursery and for our older children (5-12) we have Sunday school. All children are brought back to their parents after the sermon for Holy Communion. For more information on what we have for children, click here.
What does it mean that you are a Reconciling Congregation?
Being a reconciling congregation means that we are committed to equality and full inclusion in all aspects of the United Methodist Church for all persons regardless of race, gender, age, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or economic status and we are dedicated to advocating for changes in society and our church where discrimination is found. For more information on reconciling congregations, click here.
We worship every Sunday at 10:00am.

We start with announcements, singing, prayer and short children's message. We then invite the children 5-12 to Sunday school and the children under 5 to the nursery where our trained, vetted and loving staff person is to take care of them. 

Then we pray, sing, read scripture, listen to the message from our progressive and loving pastor, Blake. 

Service ends with the children coming back to their guardians and Pastor Blake inviting everyone to come forward for Holy Communion, which as United Methodist's we believe is open for all people regardless of where they are in the journey of faith.

 For more information about us or our pastor, click here.
Our Worship
Young Families

We have a nursery available every Sunday morning during Worship. We have a loving and vetted staff person available to monitor the little ones. This gives parents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the service. However, don't worry we'll come get you during service if she/he needs you. We offer comfortable rocking chairs in the nursery for nursing and all bathrooms have changing stations, wipes and diapers.

 We offer Sunday school during Worship for our children with trained and vetted members teaching an fun, educational and an incentive program that culminates in each child receiving badges and being recognized for their achievements. Every child is welcomed back to the congregation near the end of service for Communion. Here at First we believe that all children are part of the God's family and the church. Therefore, we encourage children to grow in their abilities to serve and worship through participating in the service each Sunday.

 We encourage our youth who are 13 and older to take a more active role in helping lead worship in our congregation through reading scripture, ushering, bringing in the elements and serving on our administrative committees alongside adult members.
Ways to serve...
  There are dozens of ways to serve at our church (whether or not you're a member) if you'd like to know what ministries we are currently involved in, please click here.
Ways to grow spiritually...
We are always offering new ways to grow spiritually through devotionals, studies and missions whether or not you're a member. 
For more ways to grow, click here.
Ways to Join...
As United Methodist's there are several ways to become a member of the Church. It starts with God's gracious gift of baptism. In the UMC we baptize beginning from infancy. However, if you've already been baptized in a Christian church you can make a profession of faith or transfer membership from a different church. For more information, contact our pastor.